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"MYSTERY AT SNAKE RIVER BRIDGE is a must-read for anyone who loves suspense, mystery and a great story."
- Lucy Wang, Indie Reader

"In a acerbic, fine-tuned first-person narrative, Uhlig...keeps the dynamic taught with a shocking but sensitively handled plot twist. The ending takes a hairpin turn that is...moving and unexpected...Uhlig raises the emotional stakes with well-paced glimpses into Kodak's vulnerability and growing self-awareness. A fast-moving YA mystery novel."
- Kirkus Review, Kirkus Review

"This story paints a delightful picture of life in middle America even as it leads the reader down a path of danger, treachery, murder and even a bit of romance. Prepare for a shocker at the end."
- Fran Byram, Portland Book Review

"Mr. Uhlig has an uncanny ability to create an atmosphere that feels very real. My eyes were glued to the page, but I kept wanting to look over my shoulder to make sure there was no one watching me from the shadows."
- Steve Balderson, Film Director

"Forget what you think you know about mysteries. This one breaks the mold. Creative and fresh with major SURPRISES that shock, titillate and propel the story...Uhlig has a knack for creating distinctive characters that are yearning, quirky and loveable...this is the quintessential summer read."
- Lee Bantle, author of David Inside Out